Astronomical Observatory Les Rochers

Astronomical Observatory

The astronomical observatory is situated at 1670 meters above sea level, this location without light pollution allows us to observe and take amazing photographs of celestial objects. Clients can enjoy an introduction in astronomy and be shown some of the wonderfull objects in the night sky such as: Planets, Galaxies, Star clusters and planetary nebular.

We are equiped with a 10 inch Newtonian on a Mesu 200 mount. The scope has a ST 80 guide scope and ccd guide camera. We also hace a Celeston .25 SCT for Planitary Observing which is mounted on a belt driven EQ6 Pro.

Simon can show you how to take photos of the different objects described above using the Observatories equipment. All you need to do is bring either your DSLR or CCD camera to take some amazing and unique photographs of our sky and the universe for your personal collection.

All the photos below were taken from the Hotel's Observatory.

See you soon!